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Snack Center / Sure VendTM / Crane National®

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Snack Center / Sure VendTM / Crane National®:
This product is our new solution to the issue of problems with snacks not vending from a spiral machine and problems with lost money!

The Infrared technology allows for guaranteed vending from Glass Front snack machines. Designed to replace the older, spiral, track-dispensing single turn mechanism of the traditional Glass Front Snack Machine. This new generation machine uses computerized controls to incrementally turn the spiral until the product is vended, up to 3 complete turns! This machine is also very “smart”. If, for some reason, it cannot dispense the product, it automatically returns the customer’s money!

NO More JAMMING or Product Hang-Ups!

SureVend™ is remarkable new guaranteed product delivery system.

The type of innovation you've come to expect from National Vendors. Infrared technology detects whether the vended product has dropped, guaranteeing that your customers either receives their product, or get their money back. It keeps the customers happy and profits healthy.

*All machines will have a dollar bill validator and will accept the new dollar coin.

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